American Graduate and Workplace Ready Videos

Below you will find the links to vidoes that are part of a larger project. These videos can be found in the Workplace Ready Modules. Please click on the thumbnails to view the videos.

Applied Mathematics

This series of videos, Bob and Rob Get A Job, demonstrates in an Applied Mathematics module how math skills are important and used in the job field. The two characters, Bob and Rob, "fail" at each job because they mess up a basic math skill in each video.

Internet Use and Safety

This video illustrates he consequences in the workplace from online bullying

This video shows how the internet can bring up past issues in one’s life and can come back to cause new issues in the workplace or your profession

This video demonstrates how to properly engage in a webinar and rules to follow in that forum

Locating Information

This video demonstrated how following instructions step by step are important

This video demonstrates how to deliver an effective presentation

Reading for Information

This video demonstrates how reading instructions are important

This video demonstrates how reading materials fully as directed will avoid pitfalls in the workplace

Understanding Health, Wellness, and Safety

This video demonstrates why workplace safety is important with rules to follow

This video demonstrates how your personal health and wellness is important in the workplace