Digital Citizenship

The Digital Citizenship module is divided into two sections that are designed to engage students for two 40-45 minute sessions of self-paced instruction. At the end of each learning object below, students will be required to take a quiz. After scoring a 75% or higher, students will receive a certificate of completion. This content is intended for 8th - 12th grade students.

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Digital Citizenship: Security and RisksDigital Citizenship:  Security and Risks

The first part of the module examines online security and risks. Students will explore ways to stay safe and avoid threats online. They will also hear a story about a student that does not follow a school's Acceptable Use Policy. Click the player button to get started.



Digital Citizenship: Communication and Social Media

The second part of the module explores digital communications and social media. Students have the ability to set up a social media profile for a character of their choice, as well as learn more about netiquette, emoticons, and the guidelines for a successful web conference. Click the player button to begin.