World History I: GeoMaster

This iPod touch® and iPad® application allows users to play a game by matching locations with ancient civlizations throughout the world. Users choose a civilization and then drag and drop location labels to the appropriate place on a map.

Greece map

africa map


Virginia Standards of Learning

This application addresses the following Virginia Standards of Learning for World History and Geography to 1500 AD:

  • WHI.1b, WHI.1c, WHI.1d
  • WHI.3a
  • WHI.4b
  • WHI.5a
  • WHI.8a, WHI.8b, WHI.8c
  • WHI.10a, WHI.10b, WHI.10d
  • WHI.13b

World History I: GeoMaster is made possible by an Enhancing Education Through Technology competitive grant from the Virginia Department of Education. World History I: GeoMaster is available on iTunes® as an iPad® and iPod touch® app.

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