Health and PE: Mars Recovery

In this augmented reality (AR) game, students students use their GPS-enabled smartphones to run around school grounds and explore the planet Mars while avoiding digital traps. This mobile, physically active, and immersive game attempts to increase cardio-vascular exercise.

hand holding phone


Virginia Standards of Learning

This application addresses the following Virginia Standards of Learning for Physical Education:

  • Physical Education 1.3
  • Physical Education 2.3c, 2.5
  • Physical Education 3.3
  • Physical Education 5.6
  • Physical Education 6.5
  • Physical Education 7.5a
  • Physical Education 8.6a, 8.6b
  • Physical Education 9.5b
  • Physical Education 10.5a
  • Physical Education 11/12.5

Mars Recovery was developed through a partnership with GAMeS Lab at Radford University and is made possible by an Enhancing Education Through Technology competitive grant from the Virginia Department of Education. Mars Recovery will be available on iTunes® as an iPhone® app and through Google Play ™ for use with Android™ phones.

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