Economics and Personal Finance: SpendWise

In this Android™ mobile application, users can record incomes and expenses and use those figures to view monthly reports, define budgets, and monitor expenses against the budgets. All information entered by the user is stored in a private database on the user's Android™ device.

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Virginia Standards of Learning

This application addresses the following Virginia Standards of Learning for Economics and Personal Finance:

  • EPF.12e, EPF.12f
  • EPF.17d

This application addresses the following Virginia Career and Technical Education Competency-Based Tasks/Competencies for Economics and Personal Finance:

  • Task 66: Reconcile bank statements.
  • Task 103: Develop a personal budget.

SpendWise was developed by Dr. Harry Zhu in the Department of Information Technology and Decision Sciences through a partnership with Old Dominion University and is made possible by an Enhancing Education Through Technology competitive grant from the Virginia Department of Education. SpendWise is available through Google Play™ for use with Androidâ„¢ phones or tablets.

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