Chemistry: iChem interactive

In this web-based and iPad® application, users enter into a simulated chemistry classroom. Here, they explore the periodic table, lab equipment, key historical scientists, and atomic structures. This application allows users to manipulate elements on the periodic table, lab equipment, and parts of an atom through their touch, or a mouse and keyboard.

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Virginia Standards of Learning

This application addresses the following Virginia Standards of Learning for Chemistry:

  • CH.1a, CH.1b, CH.1c, CH.1h, CH.1j
  • CH.2c, CH.2i

iChem interactive was developed through a partnership with Dr. Rasha Morsi in the Creative Gaming and Simulation Lab at Norfolk State University, and is made possible by an Enhancing Education Through Technology competitive grant from the Virginia Department of Education.iChem interactive will be available on this webpage as a web-based application and on iTunes® as an iPad® app.

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